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We'll be hopping around at SXSWi 2015 this year, starting with Capital Factory's 2015 Startup Crawl on March 12th. Hope to see you there!

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Patent & Copyright Infringement

Our expertise in development has allowed us to offer services for intellectual property cases. We have developed proprietary software that can manage large and small cases, and can assist in the preparation and rebuttal of claim charts, expert reports, invalidity, anticipation and obviousness arguments. For a full list of services or for more information, please contact us.

Discovery Services

We efficiently and accurately identify and document evidence through source code inspection, and provide our analysis and infringement (or non-infringement) support to counsel. We're qualified to inspect any of the languages or technologies listed below, among many others not listed.

Software Consulting

We are all real world developers with experience in enterprise design patterns and are always researching best practices. We’ll be happy to give our best advice, whether it’s laying out the software architecture for a business plan, diving in and developing something new, or rebuilding the old.


We started as a development company, and will always continue to develop enterprise class applications. Specifically, we specialize in web application development, services, and mobile applications. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of web technologies and standards, as they change on an almost daily basis. Our current specialties include but are not limited to: AngularJS, Bootstrap, REST, .NET, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Languages & Technologies (Yes, we've consulted or developed with all of these)

C# C C++ Java Scala Python Perl PHP ColdFusion ASP.NET ASP J2EE (JSP) SQL GeoSpatial LINQ Functional Programming (λ) Monotouch (iOS) Objective-C Razor/ASP.NET MVC RESTful Services HTML5 Javascript jQuery AngularJS CSS3 Amazon AWS SOLR VisualBasic Subversion GIT Team Foundation (TFS) MySQL IBM DB2 Oracle COBOL Silverlight Active Directory & LDAP WCF WPF Google Maps Bing! Maps MapQuest

James Barnett

Founder & Software Consultant
E-mail | @jamiebutd

Brandon Hudgeons

Software Consultant
E-mail | @bhudgeons

Kasey Reed

Software Consultant

Daniel Dorroh

Software Consultant

Frank Lezu

Software Consultant


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